Protection with
tempered Glass
Coverage that
takes care of
your next Break
$30-$40 Replacement
Coverage For

Do you have an iPhone screen protection plan? If not, you could be looking at an expensive glass repair if you drop your phone and damage the front screen. Bad Apple’s Core Protection Program provides true peace of mind, in the form of an affordable, easy-to-use broken screen protection and replacement program. And you can redeem your replacement at any one of our 9 convenient Utah locations.

Even the most careful iPhone users are bound to experience a broken screen. But, with the Bad Apple Core Protection Program, we’ve got your next break covered.

An Affordable iPhone Screen Protection Plan

When you have your cracked iPhone screen replaced by Bad Apple, we warranty your front screen for life against manufacturer defects. But, like any warranty, physical damage can render that void – and that’s where our unique screen protection plan comes in. For any Core Protection tempered glass purchase made from Bad Apple, our program provides a one-time warranty repair for a damaged screen. You pay only a small deductible, based on which level of our two-tiered pricing you select.

But what if you don’t have any damage or didn’t have your tempered glass purchased with Bad Apple? Good news – you can add the Core Protection plan at any time!
Simply make sure the Bad Apple tempered glass is still attached to your screen to redeem your Core Protection plan.

Quality Broken iPhone Screen Replacement

As your go-to iPhone repair specialists in Utah, you can count on our quick, convenient and affordable screen repair services. Simply choose between our premium and value-priced options. Add our Core Protection at the time of your repair and we will discount the price of your plan, or you can always add it to your device later.

Even if you chose the value-priced screen repair option originally, you can upgrade to a premium screen at the time of replacement. Contact Bad Apple today to learn more about our iPhone screen protection program.

Core Protection For tempered glass purchases for iPhone models 4, 4s, 5, 5c, SE, 6, 6s, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus, 8, and 8 plus, Bad Apple Core Protection is valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Bad Apple will perform a one-time repair on the screen of any of the above iPhone models after a Core Protection tempered glass purchase and installation by Bad Apple. Upon warranty repair, the customer will have a deductible of $30 for customers who want a Value Quality screen repair, and $40 for customers who want a Premium Quality screen repair.

Tempered glass must be on phone to claim warranty. This warranty applies only to physical damage to the screen. No other damage is warrantied. Liquid damage is not covered and voids the warranty.

This warranty is non-transferable and specific to the only the device registered with Bad Apple at the time the screen repair service is purchased. If the tempered glass needs to be replaced without the screen being broken there is a $5 application fee. Only valid at Bad Apple locations in Utah.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to replace my tempered glass if my screen isn’t broken?

Bad Apple Tempered glass comes with a lifetime warranty with a $5 replacement fee.

Do I need to keep my broken tempered glass to claim my deductible?

Bad Apple tempered glass MUST be on device to claim your Core Protection deductible.

Do I have to replace my screen with the same quality screen I originally purchased with my Core Protection?

You can choose which screen (value or premium) you would like installed at time of redemption. The cost of the value screen is $30 and the cost of the premium screen is $40

How long does coverage last when I purchase Core Protection?

Core Protection lasts 1 year from purchase date or after 1 screen repair claim is made, whichever comes first. After 1 year you are encouraged to again protect your screen by purchasing another Core Protection.

Does Core Protection cover water damage, hardware, software repairs?

Core Protection claims are for screen replacements only. Liquid damage voids core protection.

Can I transfer my Core Protection coverage to a different device?

Core Protection is Non Transferable and can only be claimed on the device it was purchased for. Each device is registered by its unique IMEI number so you can have multiple plans under the same name.

Do I have to make my claim at the Bad Apple store I purchased Core Protection from?

No, any Bad Apple location will be happy to help you with your redemption.

Can I add Core Protection at a later date? Or do I have to sign up same day as my screen repair?

You can add Core Protection to your device at any time for $40.